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Partnerský program


ABB s.r.o., Elektro-Praga

Resslova 3
466 02  Jablonec nad Nisou
GPS: 50°44'6.39"N, 15°11'5.02"E

tel.: 483 364 111
fax: 483 364 159
technická podpora: 800 800 104
e-mail: epj.jablonec@cz.abb.com

Documents for downloads

There are different materials to download in the attachments. Technical data of the appliances in the attachment ´Technical data for the Subject of the competition Topic A´ are also available in 3D in different formats for potential use in design modelling in graphical programmes. For sending the data you can contact us at: lenka.mrvova@cz.abb.com

ABB s.r.o., Elektro-Praga (c) 2006