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Partnerský program


ABB s.r.o., Elektro-Praga

Resslova 3
466 02  Jablonec nad Nisou
GPS: 50°44'6.39"N, 15°11'5.02"E

tel.: 483 364 111
fax: 483 364 159
technická podpora: 800 800 104
e-mail: epj.jablonec@cz.abb.com


ABB s.r.o. (Ltd.) in cooperation with CZECHDESIGN.CZ declares an international contest for students and young graduates of design study, designers, architects and other creators.


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Subject of the Contest

Topic A

Proposal of a new design solution of house wiring accessory set with respect to wide application possibilities. Set contains a switch, socket, double receptable, TV+R+Sat socket, data socket, single and double vertical and horizontal frame, if it is not asymmetric, possibly single or double combination (in case of solution without frame). The main effort of the Promoter is that the proposal should fulfil the spirit of the slogan: “ABB cultural identity – design key to success

Topic B

Proposal of design vision of house wiring accessories in compliance with the topic “Future – visions and concepts”. The vision should contain basic instruments, like a switch, socket, data socket and also possibilities of their combinations (it is marked as multiple frames in the current standard).


Participants of the Contest

Legal as well as physical entities, or their associates can participate in the Contest. The Contest is intended for students and young graduates from schools with an art or industrial art orientation, for designers, architects, artists and other creative personnel that will fulfil the requirements determined in the Contest proposition; it means that they will submit a correctly completed application form and competition proposal according to the conditions of the Contest.

Categories of participants:

Topic A

a) students

b) young creators up to 30 years of age

c) Other creators – Physical as well as legal entities with representation of physical entities

Topic B (without categories of participants)



The deadline for submission is set at 4th April 2011, 3:00 p.m. for the 1st round.

The deadline for submission is set at 20th May 2011 at 3:00 p.m. for the 2nd round.


Conditions of the Contest

Proposition of the Contest


Prizes – financial rewards

Topic A

The author of the winning proposal in the 1st round will obtain 10,000 CZK in each category of participants. A maximum of 10 competition proposals will be chosen for the 2nd round of the Contest across the categories of the participants.

The author of the winning proposal recommended by the judging panel will obtain 50,000 CZK.

The Promoter expects the conclusion of a Contract for Work with the addressed participant of the Contest on creation and utilization of authorial work on the basis of the competition proposal.

Topic B

The author of the winning proposal will obtain 20,000 CZK.

Proposition of the Contest


Result Announcement

The results of the Contest will be announced officially in June 2011 at a press conference of the Promoter in Prague together with a preview of an exhibition of the winning proposals.


Completed information will you find in the Proposition of the Contest.

ABB s.r.o., Elektro-Praga (c) 2006